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Criteria for California State Employment Training Panel (ETP) Programs


  • Company is a for-profit business that pays into the Employment Training Tax (ETT)
  • Participants must provide Social Security numbers
  • If business has a union, they must have a letter of support for the training

Performance Standards

  • Must be an Equal Opportunity Employer
  • Participants must be full time at 35 hours per week
  • Employers must have no more than 20% turnover rate in the prior calendar year
  • Trainees must earn a minimum rate, including any paid medical and/or dental benefits: $16.16 Riverside and San Bernardino Counties; $16.72 San Diego County; $16.96 Los Angeles County; and $17.22 Orange County.
  • Reimbursement for training is capped at 200 hours per-trainee per contract
  • Training ratio: 1 trainer for every 20 attendees. OSHA: 1 trainer for every 40 attendees.
  • Participants cannot be enrolled in the same Job Number more than once within the same project
  • Relocation: Employers that relocate outside of CA, close or transfer an employee in less than 90 days are liable for repayment to ETP




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